CFM Group

The vocation for pharmaceutical chemistry is the element that has characterized us for four generations.
AMSA and COSMA are enterprises founded respectively on 1953 and 1977 by the initiative of Dr. Giuseppe Rebuzzini, a pharmacist who started his activity in the field after the 2nd world war.
The roots indeed are more than 100 years old since already on 1908 Dr. Felice Rebuzzini (father of Giuseppe) was awarded for his activity of pharmacist.
Clarochem Ireland, a plant located near Dublin, became part of the group in 2009 bringing additional value and skills.
Today the three companies are managed by professionals, with the active involvement in the business of the descendents of the founder.
The three plants AMSA S.p.A., COSMA S.p.A. and Clarochem Ireland Ltd. have been structured to obtain the best synergies to optimize scale economy by the unification of many functions in the area of management, quality control and quality assurance system, research, marketing and sales. The obtained synergies and the efficiency of the working team have generated very good results in terms of innovation and productivity.
A fourth company belonging to the group, C.F.M. Co. Farmaceutica Milanese, operates independently in Milan since 1949 as a marketing and distribution company for the pharmaceutical,nutraceutical and cosmetic industries. For more informations about Co. Farmaceutica Milanese, please visit